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The Macedonian Olympic Committee is the 195th member of the International Olympic Committee.

I president is Daniel Dimevski, the general secretary is Dr. Sasho Popovski, and the sports director is Vladimir Bogoevski.

The Macedonian Olympic Committee carries out its activity through 16 bodies , including the Assembly and the Management Board. In the spread of Olympism, several traditional events have been established: Olympic Days (winter and summer), Olympic Hours, Olympic Day, Olympic Picnic and more. The Macedonian Olympic Committee initiates and supports several events of sports, cultural or humanitarian character.




  • Preparation and participation of athletes from the Republic of North Macedonia in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games
  • Development and spread of the Olympic movement in the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Observance of the Olympic Charter
  • Dissemination of the basic principles of Olympism through activities and programs that are realized within the educational and cultural life elite sport development
  • Elite sport development
  • Development of international cooperation in the field of sports
  • Care for the health of athletes, in particular respecting the medical code of the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency


In addition to participating in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games and the European Games (EI Baku 2015), the IOC also organizes the performances of young Macedonian athletes at the Youth Olympic Games (MOI). Let us remind you, the first summer MOIs were held in Singapore 2010. The second summer MOIs were held in Nanjing (China) in 2014, and the first winter MOIs were held in Innsbruck (Austria).

The Macedonian Olympic Committee is a full member of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games and based on this privilege and obligation, our best athletes participated in the Mediterranean Games in Mersin (Republic of Turkey), where they won 1 (one) silver and 4 (four) bronze medals.

In 2002, it hosted the third match of the Balkan Olympic Hopes. The first participation of athletes from Macedonia in the Summer Olympics is related to the Australian mainland, in Melbourne 1956. At the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Macedonian athletes competed with the status of independent participants because the IOC had not yet been accepted as a full member of the IOC, since 1996 Atlanta Olympics is the first Olympics under the flag of the Republic of Macedonia. As for the Winter Olympics, the first participation of the Macedonian Olympic team is related to Nagano 1998.

Winners of Olympic medals

Macedonian athletes have won 2 Olympic medals at the Summer Olympics: silver and bronze. As part of SFRY, 2 golds, 5 silvers and 6 bronzes were additionally won by Macedonian athletes. Most of the medalists are members of the IOC "Club of the Giants", which is a special honor for every athlete and sports worker in our country. So far, 17 athletes and sports experts have met the strict criteria. Each member of the "Club of Giants" has received a statue, a gold ring and a badge.

The Macedonian Olympic Committee has established other recognitions, including the IOC Charter and the Olympic Star. The IOC Charter for Special Merit for the Development of Olympism and Sport was awarded to Juan Antonio Samaranch, and the first holder of the Olympic star was Michel Platini.